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Anthony Downs

A Hostile Lending Environment
The current credit crunch will last quite awhile, if past periods of similar conditions are any guide. One reason is that the U.S. banking system has
Greed Has Run Amok In Mortgage Industry
Financial firms are strongly resisting any attempts to impose greater regulation on their activities, according to various media accounts. By taking this
A Price Correction Is Unavoidable
Although loan defaults on commercial properties remain at low levels, the credit crunch in the real estate markets will still have some negative impact
Ducking the Housing Credit Mess
Many pessimists believe the current credit freeze in home markets will spread to commercial property, setting the stage for a full recession in 2008.
The Great Real Estate Credit Freeze of 2007
By late October 2007, U.S. credit markets for most real estate lending became almost frozen because of uncertainty among both lenders and borrowers about
Guarding Against a Development Boom
In the past 10 years, the American real estate market has been stimulated by massive inflows of financial capital from around the globe. That influx of
A More Precarious Investment Climate
The near collapse of two residential subprime lenders rescued by loans from owner Bear Stearns, plus bankruptcies of other subprime lenders, has apparently
The Danger of Large U.S. Trade Deficits
For the past decade, U.S. real estate markets have been dominated by a flood of financial capital from foreign and domestic sources.
Fallout From Stock Market's Swoon
The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 416 points, or 3.3%, on Feb. 27. It was one of the largest one-day price drops since the 30% decline on Black Monday in October 1987
Global Forces Fuel Real Estate Investment
For the past few years, there has been a record flow of capital into domestic and international real estate markets.
The Easy Money Won't Last Forever
Unable to find decent yields from other forms of assets, investors flocked to real estate, especially after the stock market crash in 2000. The result has been a Niagara of capital that has driven property prices upward and compressed yields to low levels.
REIT Capital Inflows Show Paradigm Shift
When analysts contemplate the recent immense flows of financial capital into real estate, they usually think of the worldwide boom in housing prices. But an equally impressive flood of capital has been funneled into real estate investment trusts.
Building Boom On Hold
U.S. commercial property markets are still swamped with financial capital seeking real properties. Yet, there doesn't seem to be much evidence that a new commercial development boom is starting.
Niagara of Capital
The flood of investor capital that has been flowing into all types of real estate in the United States since 2000 has continued almost unabated through
Hard Truth of a Softer U.S. Housing Market
The balance sheets of U.S. households look vastly different today than five years ago. Rising home prices and falling stock prices have greatly changed
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