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Foreign Money Looks Beyond Gateway Cities for Apartment Assets
Foreign investors are stretching beyond the gateway cities like Boston, Los Angeles and New York City that they are most familiar with.
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Apartment Building Owners Face Higher Rates on Loans
Lenders are looking more skeptically at the prices buyers are willing to pay for assets relative to the income from the properties.
Are Apartment Renters Ready to Own?
Relatively few renters are tempted to leave their apartments for homes or units that they would own themselves.
Apartment Building Buyers Unmoved by Interest Rate Hike
The higher interest rates could strengthen the demand for apartment properties, which would help support high prices.
Apartment Vacancy Rate Stays Low, Surprising Researchers
Experts now expect the U.S. vacancy rate to stay at or below 5.0 percent.
Trump’s Impact on the Apartment Sector 1
During the campaign, Trump made promises that would have an earthshaking effect on the real estate markets.
Demand for Student Housing Looks Strong for 2017 1
The balance of supply and demand is still healthy.
More Cities Join Inclusionary Zoning Trend to Create Affordable Housing 1
Several of the nation’s largest cities already have inclusionary zoning laws like this on the books and more cities are joining the trend.
Does Modular Construction Work?
Modular construction is supposed to be faster than conventional development.
Fewer Hotel Sales Being Completed in 2016 than Last Year
Investors bought and sold $12.7 billion in hotel properties in the first half of 2016, down 55 percent from the year before, according to RCA.
Banks Pick Up Greater Share of Multifamily Lending Business
Banks lenders originated more than a third—38 percent—of all permanent apartment loans in the first half of 2016.
Apartment Building Prices Continue to Rise, Surprising the Market
Investors continue to offer higher and higher prices for apartment properties relative to the income the properties produce.
Higher Incomes Should Help Renters and Landlords of Class-B and Class-C Buildings
The median household income rose in 2015 for the first time since 2007. And the increase wasn’t the kind of barely there uptick that might disappear in a later revision to the numbers.
Smaller Schools Draw Student Housing Investors, but Bring Higher Risk
Investors and developers should balance advantages like the availability of land or a low purchase price against the strength of the school and potentially unproven demand for student housing.
Some Apartment Managers Willing to Partner with Airbnb—for a Price
The program reveals to apartment managers what home sharing is going on in their own buildings and effectively allows them to set some limits.
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