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Multifamily Prices Could Stall With Interest Rate Hike
Apartment prices may finally stop rising—and even begin to fall—when interest rates start going up.
Vacancies in the Apartment Sector Are Slow to Rise
Even the most pessimistic apartment market researchers agree that very few apartments were empty in the third quarter and that the vacancy rate in the multifamily rental sector will remain low in the short-term.
Demand Grows for Inclusionary Housing Development
Inclusionary housing policies require developers to include affordable housing when they build in the desirable places targeted by the programs.
New Student Housing Projects Fill Up
Students might fill up all the new beds that student housing developers are building this year.
More Loans Available for Green Multifamily
Apartment properties are worth more money if they are sustainably designed—and lenders and property buyers are finally beginning to offer terms that reflect that value.
Multifamily Loan Delinquencies Fall as Eager Lenders Provide Plenty of Capital
It’s relatively easy to find an apartment loan today. “For almost any apartment deal today, you can find a lender, you usually can find a couple of them,” says Mike Riccio, co-director of national production for CBRE Capital Markets.
Solar Power Is Within Reach for Multifamily Owners, Developers 2
Solar power is becoming a much better investment for owners and developers of apartment properties. The price to buy solar panels has dropped significantly, and today’s photovoltaic panels are much more efficient than just a few years ago. Prices are now so low that a set of rooftop solar panels sometimes makes sense purely as an investment, without any extra cash from subsidy programs or tax credits.
Apartment Rents Grow Faster than Incomes
The average employee isn’t getting a big raise this year—but apartment rents are growing more quickly than ever.
Baby Boomers, Less Homeownership Supports Apartment Markets 1
The apartment business is depending on strong demographics and stronger demand to keep absorbing the hundreds of thousands of apartments still planned to open this year.
Developers Move Into Single-Family Rental Homes Sector
After the global financial crash, it seemed like the housing market would take years to work through its inventory of unwanted single-family houses. Now, however, there are far fewer homes available for sale, and many developers are turning to new construction to create new rental housing.
Apartment Markets Survive New Construction, So Far 2
The cities where developers are opening the most new apartments are handling the new supply pretty well, at least for now.
Construction Lenders All-In for Apartments
Banks are eager to lend money to apartment developers to build new apartments. “We still get a number of bids for every deal—four to six or more,” says Michael Riccio, co-head of national production for CBRE Capital Markets.
High Leverage for Apartment Loans Troubles Moody’s
With prices so high for apartment properties, any loan based on today’s appraised values is going to look very large compared to historic prices. But multifamily CMBS loans are especially troublesome, according to Moody's Investors Service.
Apartment REITs Buy Less, Hunt for Yield
Leading apartment REITs are much less eager to bid high on apartment properties than just a few years ago.
Student Housing REITs Horde Cash to Buy
Student housing real estate investment trusts (REITs) are likely to start buying properties soon—as soon as more properties become available.
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