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Growing Fears Over Maturing Loans
Scavenger investors are circling like buzzards over property investors as they embark on negotiations with creditors on maturing loans. In a deleveraging
New Set of Lenders Is Chomping at the Bit
There's a swelling industry chorus predicting sizeable declines in commercial real estate values over the next 18 months. A number of indices suggest
Bondholders Fare Best In Takeover of GSEs
For nine months, commercial mortgage brokers, bankers, and their multifamily investor clients had been feeling what the rest of the world undoubtedly
Bond Market Signals More Defaults Ahead
When the Federal Reserve Board met on Aug. 5 to set monetary policy, with the exception of a lone dissenting member, all voted to keep the Fed funds rate
Fending Off Scavenger Investors
It is no secret that armies of fund managers are on the hunt for distressed real estate and struggling mortgage investors. Against that backdrop, the
Future Lending Hinges On Loan Trades
There is a new paradigm floating around the commercial real estate investment community today it is that mortgage debt is worth more than the real estate
Will the Loan Trade Market Finally Open Up?
For some time now, there has been a virtual standoff in the real estate loan investment and trading marketplace. Investors with access to capital have
Savvy Fund Managers Seize Opportunity
Real estate investment funds have been on a capital-raising binge for the past two quarters, drumming up in excess of $20 billion in the first quarter
How Downgrades Force Institutional Selling
In late February, investment analysts at Merrill Lynch downgraded the stocks of mortgage investment giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. A few days later,
Regulators Voice Real Estate Angst
The high concentration of commercial real estate loans made by community banks is gaining the attention of the chief officer of the Office of the Comptroller
Borrowers' Fate Rests On Refi Options
During the booming real estate market of the previous five years, creative financing dominated the landscape. Investors were demanding high leverage in
Distressed Deals Hard To Find
So far, all signals from commercial real estate investment analysts point to very low delinquency and default rates, particularly in the CMBS and CDO
Back to the Basics for Wall Street
The offices of Wall Street's rocket scientists are silent these days, particularly as the work of these number-crunching gurus relates to the real estate
Standoff in Secondary Markets
There has been a deafening silence in the secondary trading pits for commercial real estate-backed loans over the past two months. This comes as investment
Small Hedge Funds Fare Better in Turmoil
Hedge funds and private-equity firms dominate commercial real estate and play a significant role with residential space as well. However, when these funds
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