• The overall delinquency rate in December jumped 27 basis points. The increase was slightly below the 35-basis-point increase posted in November.
  • The resultant percentage of loans 30+ days delinquent, in foreclosure or REO is at 9.20 percent, eclipsing the previous high of 9.05 percent posted in September 2010.
  • Overall, 8.33 percent of loans are seriously delinquent (60+ days or more past due), up from 7.83 percent six months ago and 4.68 percent one year ago.
  • Multifamily remained the sector the highest delinquency rate. The multifamily rate is at 16.48 percent (up from 15.80 percent in November) while the lodging delinquency rate fell to 14.31 percent from 14.56 percent in November. The lodging delinquency rate peaked at 19.33 percent in September. The delinquency rate for industrial properties jumped from 6.64 percent to 8.97 percent. It rose for retail properties from 7.59 percent to 7.86 percent and fell for office properties from 6.95 percent to 6.93 percent.

Source : Trepp LLC