Later this month, Oregon-based company Map Advantage will release an online tool that enables investors to quickly pinpoint the economic and demographic profiles of myriad submarkets.

Founder and Map Advantage President Paul McMahon, formerly a realtor, says that Map Advantage’s Submarket Analyst suite provides investors with thematic maps based on U.S. Census per capita income values. The values are broken down into nine different categories that detail the upper, middle and lower class income blocks via A, B, and C ratings.

“This really resulted from sheer necessity,” says McMahon. “As a realtor dealing with constant out-of-area inquiries regarding the caliber and risk of a property’s location, I grew weary of describing the attributes of various locations while knowing there were technologies out there that could quickly answer those questions.”

Map Advantage

The program also provides FEMA flood risk information for each address. McMahon says that the program will help both apartment and single-family homebuyers conduct market data via the Internet.