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David J. Lynn, Ph.D.

David J.
Lynn, Ph.D.
Everest High Income Property

David Lynn, Ph.D., is CEO of Everest High Income Property in San Francisco. 

end of low interest rates
The End of the Low Interest Rate Environment?
The squeeze on cap rate spreads remains of some concern for real estate investments should rates rise more rapidly than expected, especially with the “frothiness” we have seen in certain gateway class-A markets.
sell everything economic cycle
Should You Sell Everything? Cycles, the Long-Term View and the Next Recession 2
Lately I’ve heard quite a lot of talk about how it’s time to get out of the market and that asset prices are over-inflated and the cost of capital too cheap.
Five Trends Affecting Commercial Real Estate: Looking Ahead to 2017
The fact that the recovery was so protracted leads me to believe that we may have another two years left in the current growth cycle.
Commercial Real Estate in 2016: Six Trends
What trends can commercial real estate investors count on in the year ahead?
Why I’m Optimistic About CRE For the Next Few Years
Real estate has been a star performer over the last five years, delivering high returns on the back of strong and improving fundamentals and a gradually recovering economy. Real estate fundamentals continue to improve. Balance sheets of most firms have been steadily strengthening, with increasing margins, profitability and top line growth. Most households have recovered their lost wealth and are attaining new highs. Unemployment dropped to a new low. Commercial real estate supply still remains quite low by historical standards with only a few pockets of oversupply in the multifamily sector. So let’s look at some of the factors comprising my optimistic viewpoint.
Five Commercial Real Estate Market Trends You Can Bank On
With this bull market in commercial real estate now five years old (six for public real estate securities), isn’t it time to be cautious? The bull market’s duration does not, by itself, indicate how long it may last.
You’ve Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!
Here are the four questions I’m most frequently being asked by commercial real estate investors these days, and my answers.
Real Estate Is Increasingly Global, But Risks Still Abound
Country risk is the risk that cross-border cash flows will not be realized because of disequilibrium between the domestic platform and that of another country. Given this potential concern, one may require higher returns from an investment as an offsetting factor.
How We Learned to Love the Core Real Estate Asset Pricing Bubble
In the main global gateway markets—New York, London, Tokyo, San Francisco, etc.—metrics save average spreads indicate that the assets in these markets may be overpriced and headed into bubble territory.
A Few Thoughts on Commercial Real Estate in 2015 1
With most institutions, not to mention high net worth investors, still under-allocating their capital to real estate, combined with the strong performance of both NCREIF and NAREIT, we can expect more investment capital to come into commercial real estate.
Investing in Emerging Market Real Estate for the Long Term
Increasing global economic integration makes the opportunities in international real estate investment more compelling than ever before.
Whither Active Private Real Estate Portfolio Management?
In active portfolio management, mispriced market segments and properties are worth seeking out.
Five ‘Whys’ for Commercial Real Estate Investing  2
Commercial real estate is a unique asset class that warrants consideration by investors given the many benefits.
Looking Backward, Looking Forward: The Evolution of Commercial Real Estate  1
Major shifts have taken place in the commercial real estate industry, which is transforming from a highly localized, deal-driven business to an international market characterized by lower transactions costs, abundant information, lower risk premiums and increasing sophistication.
China: A Wide-Awake and Hungry Giant 
I was recently in China and, like so many people, I was impressed by its growth, progress, wealth creation, real estate markets—and even, believe it or not, its political governance.
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