Susan Piperato

Managing Editor, NREI and Waste360; Editor, Green Real Estate Strategies

Susan Piperato has been covering commercial real estate for the past seven years, having spent five years with ScheinMedia before joining NREI in 2011. Previously, she was a book and magazine editor and freelance writer in New York City, New York's Hudson Valley and Melbourne, Australia. She has written for a wide variety of publications about sustainability, design, culture and the arts. She specializes in all aspects of green building and design and green investment. 

Real Estate in the Movies: New York Apartments Edition
Nothing says New York City like an apartment. And, in turn, there's no renter in America who's ever gone out in search of an apartment without having film images of New York apartments in mind—both coveted spaces and others the likes of which must be avoided at all costs—making multifamily the most storied commercial real estate sector there is. From the plethora of films set in New York City in which multifamily shares top billing, we've chosen our favorite 10, complete with the actual addresses of their film locations. Enjoy!
10 Trends Transforming the Hotel Sector

As the next generation of travelers, Millennials will become the hospitality industry’s core customer within the next 10 years. For Millennials, interaction and experience are the prime reasons for traveling. They want the most novel and the most luxurious accommodation and service they can find, and they want it fast and reasonably priced. And whatever a Millennial’s opinion is, it’ll be shared through social media faster than it takes to call the concierge.

The 1 Percent Is At It Again  1
Home Depot Co-founder Ken Langone is the latest billionaire to compare populist views on income inequality to Hitler’s treatment of the Jews.
Would Frank Lloyd Wright Embrace Cargo Container Construction? His Architect Grandson Says Yes  1
If the cargo container construction industry needs sanctioning, it has it now in Eric Lloyd Wright—iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright's grandson.
10 Green U.S. Industrial Sites
We highlight what are, arguably, 10 of the most impressive green industrial facilities in the United States, some of which are LEED certified, others of which are not LEED certified but are using innovative practices, and many of which are the first of their types.
Ground Zero Mosque Developer to Rebuild Midtown Synagogue 
Sharif El-Gamal, the developer whose proposal in 2011 to build Park51, a $100 million Islamic mosque and community center near the World Trade Center, ignited a national controversy, now plans to build a mixed-use tower in Midtown Manhattan.
Top 10 Highest-Paid REIT CEOs


In just a few months, the names of the top highest-paid REIT CEOs of 2013 will be released by SNL Financial. Of the top 20 highest-paid REIT CEOs in 2011, 14 remained in the top 20 in 2012, and John Kilroy Jr. of Kilroy Realty Corp. moved up to the No. 1 spot in 2012 from the No. 17 spot in 2011. Will Kilroy retain first place? Or will another CEO rocket to the top?
18 Movies Starring Hotels
Hotels featured in movies are often characters in their own right—whether they are warm and welcoming or creepy and inhospitable. Regardless, they make quite valuable properties onscreen, and without them many movies wouldn't even exist.
Sam Zell Sticks Up for the '1 Percent'  8
In the era of "income inequality," it isn't only workers, the unemployed and the poor who are feeling oppressed. Some of the rich are feeling it too.Tom Perkins, Sam Zell and Stewart Rahr have claimed they feel victimized by the 99 percent.
Is Solar the Next Big Asset Class? Trepp and Mercatus Think So  1
Mercatus Inc., an enterprise-level investment analysis platform serving as a core operating system for solar energy investors, recently closed its Series-A round of financing led by Trepp LLC, a provider of information, analytics and technology to the CMBS, commercial real estate and banking markets
The Bike Path: Smart Cities' Latest Amenity
America is enjoying a bicycling boom.
Is Real Estate at the Heart of 'Bridgegate'?  1
Did Gov. Chris Christie know beforehand of the “traffic problems in Fort Lee” that occurred when some members of his staff and Port Authority cronies ordered lane closings at the Fort Lee, N.J., entrance to the George Washington Bridge last September? Will “Bridgegate” spell the end of Christie’s hopes for a presidential run in 2016?
Top 10 Busiest U.S. Ports
Colliers International's year-end 2013 port outlook report, "Biggie-Size It," takes a close look at North America's fastest-growing ports, port upgrade projects and the economic implications of labor, legislative and environmental issues, and presents 10 new port awards. What follows is a list of the top 10 busiest and most post-Panamax ready ports in the United States.
IREM and GreenPSF Launch Sustainability Property Challenge 
Move over, LEED and Energy Star. There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to energy-efficient buildings.
Top 10 Office Stories of 2013

This year we've witnessed the continued slow recovery of the office market, still following on the heels of the gradually recovering jobs market. Nonetheless,

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