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Tyson Freeman

Articles deals: What do we do with high-tech tenants?
Someone's dog trots down the middle of the wide-open, exposed brick warehouse space. A pool table sits ready for play next to the receptionist and twentysomething
Q&A respondents: Steve Sterrett, senior vice president and treasurer, Simon Property Group Inc. (SPG)Robert Peddicord, senior vice president, Arden Realty
telecom: Whose line is it, anyway?
the issue has a lot of names - mandated access, open access, forced access. The name you use depends on where you stand and what you are selling. Whatever
SIGNS POINT TO A maturing industry
The jury is in. The mechanism devised by the government in 1986 that leverages the know-how and agility of private real estate, investors interested in
Better REIT than wrong?
Host Marriott has made significant changes during the past five years. The company has exited the limited service segment in favor of upscale hotels and
RCC widens focus: Related Capital Co. expands its business in new directions.
New York-based Related Capital Co. (RCC) has been a market leader in the affordable-housing business for years and is the third-largest owner of multifamily
Standing out in the crowd
Standing out in the crowded multifamily lending market is tough. The business of financing multifamily properties has boomed as the property type has
Will the first skyscraper please stand up?
Well, it depends. As with anything that has evolved over one hundred years, it is not always easy to pick one example and call it the first. Most narrow
THE 1990s: REAL ESTATE GOES PUBLIC AS a hit on "The Street"
The real estate industry burned to the ground during the prior decade, so the slogans of the early-1990s were "Survive 'til '95" and "Make do 'til 2002."
Quick quotes from industry leaders
What surprises you most about how the industry has evolved?Gerald Hines - Chairman and founder, Hines - The movement to very large organizations and capital
Women make their mark in real estate
The successful real estate professional can take many forms. Drive is important, salesmanship of ideas or properties is crucial. A sense for numbers,
THE 1980s: (TOO) EASY MONEY FUELS A NEW building boom!
The 1980s were dynamic and a lot of fun for many real estate professionals. There was a build-up of jobs and wealth even though the decade led off with
THE 1960s: PROSPERITY SPURS MALLS, HOTELS IN technicolor dream
America's entrance into the 1960s marked society's movement from black-and-white to color. The Civil Rights movement was launched; the world saw color
THE 1950s: POST-WAR AMERICA HITCHES UP AND heads for the 'burbs
The most deadly and widespread war in modern history acted as a devilish bellows on the fire of the American economy. Developments in industry, aviation,
"Big Bill" Zeckendorf paves the way
What was the most interesting deal of the century? The answer from some of the most successful real estate figures of the modern age was not a deal, but
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