With more than three decades of diverse design experience, MVE & Partners has won awards and client confidence in virtually every category of architecture. While the firm's projects are wide-ranging in type, they share a common goal of creating contextual environments that build and strengthen communities. The firm has diverse expertise in the creation of many building types including residential, mixed-use, retail, large-scale urban offices, civic and cultural buildings, educational facilities, entertainment complexes, specialized resorts, urban planning and interior environments. As a result, MVE & Partners has been able to solidify its place in the market as the creator and leading expert of “omni-use” development. MVE & Partners is leading the trend of omni-use development, which densely integrates many uses including hotels as well as retail, restaurants, museums, stadiums, libraries, housing and creative live/work homes. The firm leverages its diverse talent and extensive design experience to execute these distinctly complex projects in a manner that is most responsive to physical interaction, human scale, design context and market demand. The result has been an array of highly successful, award-winning projects that have been consistently well received by clients, communities and city officials.


MVE & Partners
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Size of Firm: 145

Year Established: 1974

Key Contacts:
Rick Emsiek, AIA, President Keith Ray, AIA, Principal