With 10,000 square feet distributed over only two floors, the newly expanded New York Coach flagship (see Japan store p. S 10) could have felt like a warehouse. To battle the bargain-basement sensibility, Eight Inc. and Coach Architecture Group transformed the space into a suite of intimately lit rooms. And, by designating a unique product type for each zone, the team conjured up a boutique-shopping experience that befits the luxury product as well as the Madison Avenue location. Whitewashed sycamore and bleached walnut fixtures echo the elegant lines of the Coach product, and nickel display cases wear the Art Deco airs of the historic Fuller Building that houses the shop. The design strategy didn't follow established formulas but blazes its own trail.

Project Name
Coach Flagship

New York City

Square Footage

Eight Inc.
Coach Architecture Group



General Contractor
Turner Construction Group

Fixture Manufacturer

Lighting Consultant
ISP Design