In the heart of Anaheim, Calif., the 820-acre development, known as the Platinum Triangle, is part of the City's newly planned mixed-use overlay zone. The massive urban development includes up to 9,175 dwelling units, 5 million sq. ft. of office space and over 2 million sq. ft. of general retail space. Windstar Communities is currently developing Stadium Lofts, a 63-acre, community containing 390 units, 8,100 sq. ft of restaurant space and 9,817 sq. ft. of retail space, making it one of the largest mixed-use projects in southern California. Windstar's multi-family component will provide the Platinum Triangle with luxury urban lofts and stacked flats that are situated close to Angel Stadium and the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim. The Stadium Lofts, which will be complete in the summer of 2006, were made possible due to new mixed-use overlay zoning adapted by the City. The new zones allow for mixed-use, higher-density projects in areas that are not zoned for residential.