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SADI Entry Format and Entry Form

Official 2013 SADI Entry Form:

The first part of your entry should be the completed Official Entry Form (either type-written or clearly printed). Please complete a separate Official Entry Form for each project being entered.

1 - Official Entry Form

The entry form and payment can be submitted (either electronically or via mail) in advance of final materials.

2 - Project Description

All entries shall include a project summary, a brief narrative (max. four pages) describing the projects goals and objective, physical description, design and planning mission, financial constraints, as well as development and market strategies. All entries shall include a descriptive narrative and graphic representation of all innovations the projects team feels important to its success. All entries shall include a descriptive narrative and graphic representation of the overall quality and execution of the project. All entries shall include a descriptive narrative and graphic representation of the factors that define the success of the project.

In the Project Description, the judges request that you specifically answer the following questions:

  • What was your design mission?
  • What were some of the challenges you faced in achieving your goal/mission?
  • What was the budget for your project?
  • Did you accomplish your goal?

In addition, information on design objectives, positioning strategies and image, aesthetics, problem-solving techniques used, material usage, shopability, merchandising, signage and lighting is greatly appreciated.

The Project Description should a be basic word processing document. No logos, photos or other decorative elements may appear on the Project Description. Please use 12-point type.

3 - List of Suppliers and Key Personnel

As part of the word document, the entry should include a list of the major product and service suppliers and their base cities, as well as a list of key project personnel.

4 - Photograph Prints and Images

Entry forms can be sent via email or regular mail. All other materials should be submitted via CD or flash drive.

For NEW Entries:

Please submit 10 to 20 color .jpeg images of the project. Images should be set for screen resolution (72 dpi minimum) and should be large enough to fit as a full-screen display on standard monitors. Please show all aspects of a project to help give judges a complete sense of the retail environment.

For RENOVATED Entries:

  • Please submit 10 "before" .jpeg images.
  • Please submit 10 "after" color .jpeg images.
  • Please identify which are "before" images and which are "after" images. (Please select images that show similar parts of the property or store from the same photo angle and distance for before and after photos. This provides judges the best sense of what was accomplished in the renovation. Before photos that are dark or taken from long distances may make the after photos look better, but don’t provide clarity in what the new design accomplished).

5 - Floor Plans and Diagrams

Please include floor plans of the store or center as electronic images or PDFs. If a project is more than one level, please include a floor plan for each level. The floor plan(s) should be formatted to fit without scrolling on a standard monitor. Graphic diagrams and photos of the project should accompany the descriptions identifying key features related to the design, planning, problem solving and general aesthetics of the project.

For ALL Entries:

  • Please include interior and exterior shots as appropriate.
  • All images and files should be labeled with the name of the project.

The images will be used during the awards presentation if your firm is selected as a winner. Images may also be considered for use inside of National Real Estate Investor throughout the year. Only .jpeg images can be accepted.


All retail store entries MUST include a storefront shot.

  • Entries become the property of National Real Estate Investor and cannot be returned. Please retain duplicates of all written materials and images for your records.
  • Entries that do not adhere to the Entry Format will be disqualified.
  • Entering certifies that the credits and information provided are correct.National Real Estate Investor cannot accept responsibility if information contained in an entry is published and is later determined to be inaccurate.
  • Entering constitutes permission forNational Real Estate Investor and Penton to reproduce, publish and display any portion of the entered materials in any format or vehicle deemed appropriate. Any entry using copyrighted photography must include a letter from the photographer allowing National Real Estate Investor and Penton to reproduce, publish and display the photography in any format or vehicle deemed appropriate.
    Download the Official 2013 SADI Entry Form in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it free at
SADI Entry Format and Entry Form

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